More Than 100 000 Israelis Viewed Melania Trump’s Nude Pictures On During President Trump’s Visit to the Middle East

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More than 100 000 so-called “Chosen People” from the Promised Land spiked our traffic stats during President Trump’s visit to the Middle East. Thou the citizens of Israel were not the only ones from the Middle East that had interests in seeing the nude pictures of former model, Melania Trump, the Israelis accounted for 90% of the traffic that came from the Arab states.

We were totally shocked to see where this traffic was coming from! I mean for fuck’s sake, what are these so-called holy Jewish people from Jerusalem and Bethlehem doing on a porn blog?!

Upon further investigation of the IP addresses, we established that all of the Israeli traffic came from Tel Aviv, which we originally thought was a party island off the coast of Greece.

Even a few visitors from strict Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran where pornography is outlawed, managed to find their way online to to view Trump’s hot Slovenian wife.

middle east traffic stats for melania trump nude pics

We are sure that the delegates and officials that President Trump was shaking hands with, are probably the ones who were viewing the pictures of his naked wife and laughing behind his back. Who else would have the authority to bypass the internet firewalls that block pornography sites, than the government officials themselves.

Surprisingly, the only country that had every reason to be angry at President Trump for labeling them as fundraisers for terrorists, have not checked out Melania’s naked pics, not even once! Seems like they couldn’t care less about Trump and his family, while all the other countries who are buddy buddy with the USA, are secretly looking at saucy nude photos of his wife.

As the saying goes, be careful of whom you put your trust in, you never really know who your true friends are…a true friend wouldn’t want to view photos of your wife naked…would they?!

If you haven’t seen the Melania Trump nude pics yet, click this link.

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