The Biggest Ass Bootys From The Rio 2016 Olympic Games


The biggest ass bootys from all over the international athletic world have come and graced the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with their delight presence and have had put smiles to many faces of those that had come to watch these sexy hard bodied female athletes whose fitness ooze mega-tons of sex appeal.

Below is a compilation of the best ass and booty from the just recently ended Rio 2016 Olympics. These big butts come in a vary of shades, sizes and shapes…but what they all have in common is that they are juicy, thick, plum, curvy and toned!

Enjoy feasting your eyes on these black asses, big booty white girls and spicy latina ass…don’t forget to share this post on facebook, instagram and twitter.

Aly Raisman Big Ass Butt Booty Pictures

aly raisman rio de janeiro 2016 olympic games - 20

Lucimara Silva Big Ass Booty Butt Pictures

lucimara silva big ass brazilian heptathlon athlete - - 20

Irene Verasio Big Ass Butt Booty Pictures

irene verasio big ass argentian beach volleyball player - - 10

Khaddi Sagnia Big Ass Booty Pictures


Ingrid Oliveira and Giovanna Pedroso Big Ass Booty Pictures

ingrid oliveira and giovanna pedroso big ass brazilian divers - - 26

Jennifer Abel Big Ass Booty Pictures

jennifer abel big ass canadian platform diver athlete - - 33

Alenka Bikar Big Ass Booty Pictures

alenka bikar big ass 200m slovenian sprinter - - 4

Ivet Lalova Big Ass Booty Pictures

Brianna Rollins Big Ass Booty Pictures

brianna rollins big ass american sprinter - - 11

Brittany Johnson Big Ass Booty Pictures

brittany johnson big ass american gymnast - - 0

Brittany Viola Big Ass Booty Pictures

Chantae McMillan Big Ass Booty Pictures

chantae mcmillan big ass american heptathlete - - 5

Errika Prezerakou Big Ass Booty Pictures

Ivana Spanovic Big Ass Booty Pictures

Keila da Silva Costa Big Ass Booty Pictures

keila da silva costa big ass brazilian long jumper athlete - - 4

Liliana Fernandez Steiner Big Ass Booty Pictures

liliana fernandez steiner big ass spanish beach volleyball athlete - - 9

Noemi Batki Big Ass Booty Pictures

noemi batki big ass italian diver athlete - - 21

Snezana Rodic Big Ass Booty Pictures

snezana rodic big ass slovenian triple jump athlete - - 5

Voula Papachristou Big Ass Booty Pictures

voula papachristou big ass greek triple jump athlete - - 3

Yelena Isinbayeva Big Ass Booty Pictures

yelena isinbayeva big ass russian pole vaulter athlete - - 22

Winifer Fernandez Big Ass Booty Pictures

winifer fernandez big ass dominican volleyball player - - 33

Yarisley Silva Big Ass Booty Pictures

yarisley silva big ass cuban pole vaulter athlete - - 11

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